Create inclusive tech tests and harness the benefits of gender-diverse teams

When the technology sector remains as male-dominated as it is, and companies face talent shortages in critical skill areas, equitable candidate evaluations are more important than ever.

Tech tests for software engineering and related roles have long been known to be “broken”. At Project F, we regularly review tests for program participants, so we know this to be true. Many are riddled with bias, use jingoistic terminology, irrelevant questions and even bizarre tricks designed to trip the interviewee up.

It is time for a change! Don't miss out on incredible talent ever again and become a trailblazer in the tech recruitment space.

This Playbook includes:

  • Reflection topics to understand why inclusive tech tests matter to your organisation
  • Activities to challenge bias and barriers present in the tests you currently use
  • Checklist to build inclusive tests
  • Steps to put these tests into action and get impressive results


Take on the challenge!

Tackle your tech tests head-on and find a way to be more inclusive so that more women will apply, pass the tests and contribute to your diversity strategy. The long-term benefits are endless:

  • Better culture
  • Higher engagement
  • Increased profitability
  • Better teams
  • Better products


Get started today and make a difference:

Gender diverse tech team
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